The right person to make permament make-up

Having finished the special training course of the Long-Time-Liner® in Berlin, the development of competence and the acquisition of professional experience during 6 years, now I work independently as a linergist® of the Long-Time-Liner®.

Back Barbara Pileckaya

I will kindly provide You a free personal consultation concerning the form of Your individual permanent make-up. The mobile services are available.

My professional development

- I have training course and working (licence 1+2) by speciality of linergist® in Berlin and Munich.

- Staff employee at the Long-Time-Liner® branch in Cannes, France.

- Work in capacity of linergist® in different Long-Term-Liner® branches in Majorca, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Cannes Work at fairs: in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, London etc.

Since 2008
- I work independently in capacity of linergist® (eyebrows, contour of the upper and lower eyelid, lips, medical pigmentation).


+33 630 10 97 61 (France)
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