Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic (eyeliner/lip) tattoo at Cannes

Permanent cosmetics such as eyeliner tatoo, eyebrow, lip liner for a perfect makeup. Look radiant from dawn till dusk thanks to enhanced natural features .

more details Barbara Pileckaya

The micro pigmentation technology made it possible to highlight the real beauty of Your face in a subtle way.

Reasons for the need of a permanent natural make-up:

  • If Your eyelashes, eyebrows as well as lips are light by nature
  • If You are a busy woman and want to save time
  • If You often visit a pool or do sports
  • If You have visionary problems (wear glasses or contact lenses) or your eyes are watering
  • If Your eyebrows, eyelashes are hardly perceptible after the illness, chemotherapy, etc.
  • If You want to hide scars, pigment spots, etc.
  • If You previously had made unsuccessfully a permanent make-up, then it could be removed applying our micro pigmentation method.

What does the effectiveness of the procedure depend on?

Firstly - it depends on the quality of equipment and dyes. The apparatus, which is not qualitative, injects the pigment too deeply, into a different depth. Then the contour is not even. Such a make-up lasts a whole life and very often changes its colour into green or blue. Using the Conture Make Up instrument, the pigment is injected evenly; it also disappears evenly, gradually fading during 2-3 years. The procedure is painless as the pigment is injected only into the skin layer (the epidermis) where there are no capillaries and nerve endings. The pigments are produced on the mineral inorganic basis.

Ideal eyebrows

Firstly a linergist (a master for contour make-up) will offer You a few variants of eyebrow forms, and together you will choose the one that suits your face best. The next step is choosing the eyebrow colour from a few offered colours.

Ideal eyes

A thin pigment line between the eyelashes creates the volume effect and highlights the expression of Your eyes. The broader contour of the eyelid corner visually enlarges the eyes. The eyelid line can also be extended with an arrow. There is a wide range of choice.

Ideal lips

If You are satisfied with the form of your lips, then it is enough just to inject a pigment of your chosen colour, and your lips will look natural. Do You want more puffy lips? Maybe You would be more pleased with another form of Your lips? The contour of a lip corner will make Your dream come true! Whereas the pigment will replace Your lipstick, moreover, it will look more natural.